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Many signs, same place

You’re keen to snap up a house and you spot a street or block with multiple “for sale” signs. Alternatively, you want to sell your place and suddenly, almost every home in your area is up for grabs. Both buyers and vendors can be left pondering whether this situation is a good or bad thing.

How to bring country and city together

Scratching your head trying to reconcile your appreciation for both city and country? There is a way to have your country cake – and eat your city style too – and all while (possibly) enjoying extra cash on the side. Read on to find out more. Rustic opportunity You’re keen to escape to the country

Understanding rural distances

If you’ve just moved to a rural or regional area, the nearest supermarket may easily be 50km away. The same might also be the case for a post office or chemist, leaving you balancing the costs of petrol and car maintenance with the joys of peace and quiet. Both sides of the coin might leave

To buy or to rent?

It’s the question everyone asks themselves at one point in their lives: should I buy or rent? Answer: there’s no easy answer! A lot depends on your financial and personal situation, and where you wished to live and work. But that’s OK. This is always a good question to consider, especially when your circumstances changing.

Recovering from an investment gone bad

Ideally, your set and forget investment property should be wending its way through life, enabling you to enjoy increased funds and causing you few problems, either with bad tenants or major fix-ups. But even for experienced investors, this isn’t always the case. Here are some tips on what to do if your great investment is,

Slow down for serenity’s sake

Rurality has finally become a reality and it’s a dream lifestyle indeed. Or it would be if you could just turn off your active city mindset. But when you’ve spent most of your life running, mentally and physically, it can take a while to consciously slow down and relax – without feeling guilty or foolish

Rural buyer checklist

Excitement is high as you plan for a life-long dream of living in a regional town or rural area. While perfect in your mind and heart, this move should include reflecting on points you may never have thought of when buying in suburbia. Access to amenities and utilities When you live in the city, schools

Acreage challenges

Moving away from city hustle and bustle to a quiet, peaceful acreage is many peoples’ dream. But, without wanting to ruin this dream, it’s important to remember that your “vision splendid” will need extra money and time to maintain. Outdoor needs It may look perfect when you move in but the gardens and paddocks surrounding

How to get home loan ready

Whether you’re preparing for your first or your 10th home purchase, it’s crucial to get your loan application ready. But where to start with so many issues to consider? Throw away your dismay and settle in for a long – but exciting – haul! Borrowing budget Firstly, start preparing for your purchase early on in

Tips for selling rural properties

Selling a property is never easy and when it comes to rural and regional homes, issues you’ve never heard of in suburbia will arise. Here’s our top tips for vendors selling farms, cattle stations and more. What’s in the sale? When it comes to a city apartment or house, it’s easy to find the answer

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