Chaos clean up

We’ve all been there – we check a garage or cupboard and discover a mountain of forgotten molehill details. Objects such as photos and cards easily take up precious space but how can we throw away these special memories? 

Weigh up yesteryears

Whatever you choose to keep, only put aside one box or shelf for them. Evaluate why you want to keep certain things. Is it because of nostalgia, guilt, happy recollections or sentimental sadness? Will you remember the person or period in question without the object you’re keeping? Chances are, you will, so consider saving only one or two items from that time. 

To throw or not to throw

Your “throw away” pile might grow rapidly but some of the details in the pile are still “keep” worthy. If you’re reluctant to get rid of an heirloom ring from your grandmother, offer it to your family or an antique store. Classic first edition books that are still in good repair? Send them to a quality second hand book store or sell them online.

Paying it forward

Don’t forget your local op shops and how much they need your help. So, don’t throw away items that are still in good nick. Your op shop will love to sell them and you will be doing it – and those they support – a great favour. 

Declutter delight

It may take days to clean up your clutter but your house will thank you for it, with ample storage space now available and a much easier packing time ahead, if you need to move in the future. Pondering how you accumulated so many, mostly forgotten, objects may also help you not to do so in the future!

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