Covid-19 sees real estate skills combine with counselling

Yet again, Victorians are struggling with COVID-19 lock downs from home schooling their children to night curfews and panic grocery buying, leaving the rest of us wondering if we’ll be next. But even before this sad second wave, we as real estate agents were being swamped by concerns from people of all ages and backgrounds. The result: we’re quickly learning to be counsellors as well as agents.

If you’re one of the many people striving to earn a living in a COVID-19 world, the stressors can be overwhelming particularly when it comes to your biggest financial concern – your home. You may be pondering how best to reorganise your budget, whether you need such a large mortgage or how to find a new property tenant when your region is shut off from the rest of the country. 

But whether you’re older or younger, have a family or are single, don’t be afraid to bring your questions and issues to a real estate agent or property manager’s table. Let us help explain what this new phase means to you, based on our expertise and knowledge. As banks are offering COVID-kindly options including deferring mortgage payments, your real estate manager may be able to offer something similar for you. But you’ll never know unless you ask.

As well, while we all dreaded a second phase of this virus, the silver lining is how much we learnt from the initial COVID-19 spread. We are prepared better, and more, than we were the first time around, thanks in large part to digital technology such as virtual property tours and online auctions. The traditionally busy spring selling season is on our doorstep too.

While no one knows what further set backs and changes this virus will bring, one thing hasn’t changed and that’s real estate agents’ potential to assist. We acknowledge as well that whether you’re a property owner or a real estate agent, no one is immune from COVID-19. But as we managed the first time, so we can and will get through this second round.

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