How to stay on top of the property market

It can be very time consuming trying to stay on top of the property market. Whether you’re scrolling through the latest property listings or spending each weekend at auctions, there are ways to simplify your process of staying on top of the market. 

Get on your agent’s radar

Subscribing to your agent’s emails allow you to stay up to date on new listings, open houses and the current state of the market. Agents often send updates of the local areas they work in regularly. You can subscribe to particular agent email lists in targeted areas so that you aren’t inundated with an overwhelming number of emails. 

Set up Google alerts

Without bombarding your email inbox with news covering the latest property developments, you can set up Google alerts for particular suburbs and property types. You can make these alerts as specific or as broad as you want. This saves you the time it takes to search through Google and scroll through the latest news. 

Use the news to your advantage 

The local newspapers in the location you’re interested in will have a large real estate section which can help you keep updated with the property market in a specific area. But the news on property doesn’t stop at the local newspaper. Make sure you’re consuming news online or through email newsletters. This news will help you stay on top of any interest rates changes and changes to the price of infrastructure. 

Download the right apps to make it easier

You no longer have to leave the house to attend an auction or an open home thanks to the latest apps. Apps such as GAVL allow you to attend and even bid on a property at auction from the comfort of your own home. You can also set notifications on these apps so you’re alerted on any property listings or sales results as they happen. 


While staying on top of the property market can take a lot of time, there are many ways you can make it a lot easier and more streamlined. 

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