Look outside your property box

Our busy lifestyles don’t leave much time to enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors. But this doesn’t mean your next real estate purchase shouldn’t have an alfresco area, even if you’re not a top-notch green thumb. Your bank account, your mind and body, and your friends and family, will all thank you for the space.

Dark to light

For starters, a deck, balcony and patio will considerably expand your living space while adding a surprisingly large amount of natural light to dark rooms. If you love entertaining, a deck or patio is the ideal area for a barbecue or drinks too. 

Noise to peace

Parents, don’t forget gardens can add cherished quiet to your home. For a guaranteed peaceful interior, simply shoo children glued to their technology outside for playtime. Your own sore, strained eyes, also glued to computers and mobile phones, will appreciate the rest and relaxation that a garden and its sunny outlook provides, as will your mental health and wellbeing. Well-known to reduce stress and depression, leafy surrounds and abundant fresh air will soon have you experiencing a brand new you.

Price guide to value

I know some home owners, including investors, are reluctant to add alfresco areas to their new house. After all, is the cost of doing this really worth it? Answer: it definitely is! Outdoor spaces and gardens – even if it’s just a small balcony – can add thousands of dollars in value to a property. For homes and apartments in particularly noisy areas, the secluded garden you took the effort to add will be – literally – a breath of fresh air to potential buyers and tenants. It could also mean the difference between a sale and a rejection.

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