Selling virtually

We’re all living in a whole new world, thanks to COVID-19 – especially residents of metropolitan Melbourne – and those selling property need to tread the trail of virtual or online appraisals and inspections. Read on to clear the path between you and these strange new possibilities.

COVID appraisals explained

As as any smart seller should do, you’ve asked your local agent for an appraisal – except you need to get your ahead around virtual appraisals (depending on where you live, of course).  Here’s what you need to take into account for non one-on-one appraisal events. Firstly, bear in mind virtual appraisals are not too far distant to video conferencing calls. Digital technology has come into its own with COVID, so FaceTime, Skype and similar, as well as emails and texts, will help both you and us, as your real estate agent. Ensure you have a reliable Wi-Fi or internet connection and tell us what communication tool or app you prefer. Remember, we’ll probably ask you many more questions than if we saw the house ourselves – and vice versa! So, provide us with as much information, including top-quality photos, as possible. This includes details and dates of any repairs and updates to your home. A property survey will definitely come in handy. Also, consider your street and neighbourhood, adjacent homes, your floor plan and more. Basically, the more information we have, the better appraisal you’ll receive – and by the way, we can email this report to you.

Next step: Online inspections

You’ve received your appraisal and you’re ready to take the next big step: putting your house on the market. Can this be done when you have to follow COVID rules and regulations? Yes, it can! Again, digital technology will be your BFF on this new route. We can email you forms and schedules to sign and as always, you can contact us by phone. Once your home is officially up for sale, there’s online inspections or video walking tours to organise too. Depending on the property, your agent may feature in this inspection; otherwise, you’ll be the star! Either way, treat online inspections the same way as in-house ones. You still need to declutter and tidy your home; however, if you’re recording the tour, rather than your agent, you’ll also need to tidy yourself. Never used FaceTime or similar before? Practice it with a friend or family member before you use it for online inspections. Highlight every nook and cranny you can think of, such as cupboard space, especially in essential areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Offer a well-recorded online inspection and you’ll give prospective buyers more confidence in, and enthusiasm for, your house. You’ll also potentially speed up the entire selling scheme, as surprising as it may seem, these inspections can increase your property’s selling potential. For example, interstate or buyers living miles away can now easily step inside your house, thanks to the online tour you provide. Time-limited buyers will also appreciate ease of access to your home.

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