Urban, regional or rural?

Proximity or price? Peace or potential noise? Space or restrictions? You might love country solitude but the city suits you too. So, which area best becomes you? 

City and suburbia

Two words: employment and proximity. With an urban lifestyle comes quality jobs along with transport, shops, and education and health hubs. Property blocks are relatively small, so no need to spend hours tending the garden and there’s usually room for your dog. The downsides? Affordability and noise. It’s tempting to look outside the pricy urban box to cheaper costs beyond the skyscraper skyline. Traffic and neighbour noise also make country life tempting.

Regional compromise

A home within two to three hours of the city makes a great compromise between urban and rural living. You can commute to your metropolitan job and transport links, schools and hospitals are not a distant memory. Serenity is available in spades along with space for a veggie patch, ponies, chickens and more. A smaller, tight-knit community will have you waving and chatting to people as you walk down the main street. But beware – this compromise between urban and country can result in high property prices.

Rural opportunity

It’s not for everyone but despite the location many hours (and that’s by plane) from the city, rural life has loads to offer. Jobs and amenities might be tricky to find in this isolated array but property prices will become your new best friend with rural properties more affordable than their regional or city cousins. Neighbours can quickly become good friends and the abundant peace, quiet and wildlife on your doorstep will tick the box, while pets will never be short on space. With this space however comes the extra time needed to maintain it. Quad bikes and similar will become a fixture in your life as will weather forecasts. 

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